Books and Comics Coloring Pages for Adults - Page 4

Here are Coloring made with original illustrations from Comic books (Marvel, DC Comics ...), or illustrated versions famous Books.

You will also find original drawings to print created by users and inspired by classics of the so-called "popular" literature: The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter ...

At your pens, brushes or pencils, to give life to all these mythical characters, thanks to the colors you choose! You only have to choose among all these free adult coloring ... In our website Coloring pages for kids, you will find others images from this theme.

Coloring difficult avengers

A T-REX part of the Avengers ? Really ?

Coloring adult xmen avengers

Xmen avengers

Fight between Hulk and Superman

An incredible Fight ! Who will win beetwen these two super heros ? Hulk (from Marvel) or Superman (from DC Comics) ?

"Le petit nicolas" in his classroom

Le petit Nicolas dissipated in geography course with his teacher waiting patiently

Atypical Asterix characters

Atypical Asterix Characters

The Joker the scoundrel

Drawing representing the enemy of Batman, the scoundrel, heartless Joker with his vicious look

Avengers movie poster

The super heroes Captain America, Iron man, Thor... from the Avengers comics book

Coloring tintin destination moon

Tintin destination moon

Coloring adult harry potter visages

Harry potter visages

X men superheroes

X men Superheroes

The multiple emotions of Mickey

Coloring page of Mickey's facial expressions: happy, sad, angry, surprised, shy amd many others