Christmas Coloring pages for kids - Page 2

Santa Claus, Christmas trees, Snowmen ... Here our free Christmas Coloring pages for children ! to print & color.

These printables are very easy to color, so even the younger kids will be happy to take their pens and color.

Enjoy the magic of Christmas with there beautiful drawings !

If you want Christmas coloring pages for adults, it’s on this page.

Coloring santa claus basket gifts

Santa claus basket gifts

Coloring santa claus and a child

Santa claus and a child

Coloring santa claus letter

Santa claus letter

Coloring santa claus christmas and an elf

Santa claus christmas and an elf

Coloring santa claus with his gifts

Santa claus with his gifts

Coloring santa claus reindeers 2

Santa claus reindeers 2

Coloring christmas crib

Christmas crib

Coloring santa claus reindeer

Santa claus reindeer

Coloring christmas crown

Christmas crown

Coloring christmas log

Christmas log

Coloring christmas socks

Christmas socks

Coloring angel of christmas

Angel of christmas

Coloring Gingerbread man

Gingerbread man