Myths & legends Coloring Pages for Adults - Page 3

Myths and Legends have always fascinated and inspired many books, films, TV series ...

We refer of course to werewolves and vampires, Dragons, witches, but also a lot other imaginary creatures and more or less terrifying, that you can now find in these few difficult coloring pages for adults.

Coloring page adult draw Man lion by valentin

Coloring page of a lion man

Coloring page adult draw satyre by valentin

A character inspired by a Satyre (mythological monster)

Coloring page adult draw Demon by valentin

Don't you think his evil smile is suspicious?

Coloring page adult draw house for troll by valentin

A pretty home of Troll

Coloring page adult dia de los mertos

Coloring page inspired by the Mexican celebration "Día de los Muertos"

Coloring page adults poseidon valentin

Poseidon, the god of sea and ocean in a coloring page.

Coloring page adults satyr

a coloring page with a satyr

Coloring page adults medusa

Medusa in the greek mytholgy

Coloring page adults hobbit2

a coloring page inspired by The Hobbit, the moment in the mountain

Coloring page adults hobbit1

The hobbit, the moment in the tavern

Coloring page adults Hades

Hades, the hell god and his Cerber

Coloring page adults angel

Angel to color, with flowers around her

Druidess and her companions

This intrepid woman is in the company of her hawk and her enchanted wolf. Drawn in Art Nouveau style

Coloring adult woman sea

A mysterious woman looking at the sea

Coloring adult fantasy woman skulls snake

A mysterious woman with a snake and skulls