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A new coloring inspired by a oil painting by Paul Cezanne : “Gardanne”

A new original coloring has been uploaded in the section “Architecture”.


It’s inspired by this magnificient oil painting by Paul Cezanne, painted in 1886 and exposed at the Brooklyn museum in New York. It reprensents a French village named Gardanne (in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur)



20 years ago, I did a watercolor inspired by this masterpiece, that I had accidentally discovered in a library :



And so, few days ago, I managed to make a coloring with this old watercolor I did in my youth. Here are the main steps of my work :


As I took pictures of my drawing at each steps, you can chose the version you want ! Just click on the picture you prefer, to download for free the file and print it.



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