Mickey Mouse Coloring Pages for Kids

Discover free fun coloring pages inspired by Mickey Mouse, funny animal cartoon character and the mascot of The Walt Disney Company, created in 1928.

Mickey Mouse and the Football, a whole story

Mickey, the Disney mascot playing soccer

Mickey Mouse Fantasia

The magic mouse

Mickey Mouse cooking

Mickey cooking

Mickey Mouse Party

It's a party!

Beautiful simple coloring of Mickey Mouse

Elegance itself

Mickey Mouse and his car

He washes his car

Mickey Mouse has packed his bags

Ready for a Mickey vacation?

Mickey Mouse whistle

Mickey, the main character of Disney, walks whistling

Mickey Mouse as John Travolta

Saturday Night Fever

Mickey Mouse and apples

Mickey with apples

Mickey Mouse the ace of the painting

A little paint

Mickey Mouse in his original style created by Walt Disney

The original style of Mickey Mouse, created by the great Walt Disney

Mickey Mouse the magician

Fantasia image to color

Mickey Mouse likes Baseball

Baseball time !

Mickey Mouse  on a rocking horse

On a wooden horse

Prince Mickey Mouse

The beautiful prince

Mickey Mouse the movie director

Mickey the director

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse, the Disney mascot, and his big gloves

Mickey Mouse with his arms full of presents

Image of Mickey Mouse, the main Disney character, with gifts

Mickey Mouse has an idea

Coloring of Mickey who has an idea!

Mickey's first steps

Mickey's first steps

Mickey Halloween

Skeleton disguise

Mickey Mouse as a pirate for Halloween

C'est Halloween !

Mickey Mouse and a sled

A moment of sledding