Pinoccio Coloring Pages for Kids

Before becoming one of the great classics of Walt Disney in 1940, Pinocchio is essentially the hero of an Italian kid book named “The Adventures of Pinocchio” (Carlo Collodi, 1883).
He has since entered the collective unconscious ... which parent has never said to his child: ""Stop lying : your nose will grow up !""
Here are some images the famous Pinocchio puppet who wanted to become a boy to color and print.

Pinocchio ready for adventure

Pinocchio ready for adventure

Image of Pinocchio to print and color

Coloriage de Pinicchio gratuit à imprimer

Free Pinocchio drawing to download and color

The friendly wooden puppet has become a little boy!

Free Pinocchio coloring pages to print

Gepetto le "papa" de Pinocchio à colorier

Pinocchio coloring pages for children

Le joli Poisson ami de Pinocchio

Pinocchio coloring pages for children

Pinocchio's cat

Pinocchio coloring pages for children

Coloring of the cat and the fish of Pinocchio

Coloriage de Pinocchio gratuit à colorier

Coloriage de Jiminy Cricket

Coloriage de Pinocchio à imprimer

Le visage de Pinocchio à imprimer & colorier