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“FLOWER POWER” creative competition, try to win Johanna Basford’s “world of flowers” album!

The new Just Color competition has just started, this one has the theme “FLOWER POWER“, in homage to the Hippie movement, so you will need to have a green thumb but not only!

To be the great winner of the competition, you will also have to be creative and original, we will explain why.

The principle of the competition is simple:

The winner of the competition will win Johanna Basford’s “World of Flowers” colouring album.

In this album, we travel through the landscapes, hanging poppy gardens
from South African water to the delicate cosmos of Japan, from imaginary poisonous mushrooms to enchanted fairy tale gardens.

To win this wonderful trip, show your floral creativity to the best of your ability.

Good luck to all of you, to your markers and watering cans!

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