Basketball player

Basketteur etape 6

I’ve always want to create a basket­ball team !

That’s why in this tutorial, we’ll draw a basket­ball player, in Manga / Anime style !

Yes it’s very original 🙂


Step 1

Basketteur etape 1

Realize the preparatory sketch by drawing the character’s contours in gray pencil.


Step 2

Basketteur etape 2

Using the sketch, make the character’s main lines.

Draw him a face helped with the cross drawn the last step, hair and t-­shirt.

For the eyes to respect the Manga / Anime style, don’t hesitate to follow this tutorial.

Draw the folds of the tshirt, just enough to make it realistic.


Step 3

Basketteur etape 3

Detail his t-­shirt, you can change the number if you want.


Step 4

Basketteur etape 4

Iron now in black felt pen with a skinny point and take off the marks of gray pencil with a rubber.


Step 5

Basketteur etape 5

Now with any logiciel of retouch, felt pen or colored pencil, color the character with the main colors.


Step 6

Basketteur etape 6

Finally, add some retouch like shadows or lights on the hair, the skin, the ball and the t-