Trasher girl

In this tutorial, I’m going to teach you how to draw a special girl that I created.

I called her the «Trasher girl», she’s always with her friend the green rabbit !

For this character, you’ll need to know the techniques explained in these technical tutorials : eyes, facial expressions, hair.







Step 1

coloring-page-adult-thrasher-girlLet’s start to draw the lines.

I advice you to draw them very thin, in order to keep your drawing simple and with a light style.



Step 2

At this step, you can add colors. You can do it with your pens or pencils, or with an imaging software as Adobe Photoshop.

I have chosen pale colors but if you prefer brighter ones, feel free to used it !



Step 3

Finally, I draw the shadows to create a volume effect on the character. 

It’s very simple : for an given area, use darker color of this area to draw its shadows. The form of the shadows depends on the type of object or body part you are drawing …