Cupcakes And Cakes Coloring Pages for Kids

Discover these coloring pages with Cupcakes and Cakes !

If you like to eat sweet and colorful cakes, you will like to color these pretty, very simple drawings, suitable for all ages.

Cupcake 12

Cupcake 12

Cupcake 6

Cupcake 6

Cupcake 7

Cupcake 7

Cupcake 10

Cupcake 10

Cupcake 5

Cupcake 5

The good desserts

A cake and other goodies

Dessin cupcake circulaire

How good these cupcakes look!

Cupcake Zentangle

Zentangle style coloring cupcake

Delicious Cupcake

A real delight

A slice of fruity cake

A good piece of cake full of fruit

Three pretty cupcakes

They look too delicious

Trois cupcakes simples

What colors will you choose for these good cakes?

Trois bons simples cupcakes

Good tasting

Delicious cupcakes and fruit pieces

Four cupcakes and good fruit

Simple cake to color

Color this good cake, with a piece already eaten

A cupcake with a four leaf clover

It brings luck, color it

Simple coloring cupcake

Choose beautiful colors!

Cupcake with glasses

Funny little sweet cake with glasses and a cherry hat

Cupcake with many details

A nice little strawberry cake

Doodle circular pastries

A Doodle-style drawing with many delicious-looking pastries