Butterfly Garden, by Emma L Williams

Discover the coloring book “Butterfly Garden” by Emma L Williams !

Featuring 30 designs of butterflies with different plants, flowers and leaves.

You will be able to relax with a bit of nature in your hands.
Colouring as been said to have calming benefits, but it also helps your brain focus and concentrate. Suitable for all ages.

Each design is on a single separate page so if you want to pull it out after you’ve finished and show of your talents you can.

You can buy the book on Amazon.


About Emma L Williams :

Born and raised in South Wales i’ve always had an appreciation for the
natural world; the beauty of it. I started off as a Nature and Landscape
photographer but due to a car accident am unable to walk long distances
which I very much loved. I’ve always had a love of art so decided that
was going to be my next venture; whilst combining the natural world.
Black and White has also been a passion more than painting or coloured
designs, so I thought I would mix the two, the popularity of colouring
books and my love of Black and White design.


Some of the coloring pages of this book are available on the website, in the gallery “Insects”.