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From Tattoos to Coloring pages

Over the last few years, tattoos and coloring pages have happily gone together hand in hand, and it’s no surprise if we think of the ever increasing popularity of tattoos and of the colorful appeal of many modern designs.

One additional feature that makes them great for coloring is the fact that tattoo artists usually prepare an outline of each design to be applied on skin before the actual tattooing starts, to serve as a guide for the artist and also to allow customers to have a first look at their new art before making it permanent.

The Card Players by Paul Cézanne

The Card Players is the name of the most famous series of paintings by Paul Cézanne, the renowned French artist who transformed the world of art in the late 19th century.

The artist, by reducing the features and details, seeks only to keep the essential: the gravity of the confrontation between these plays.

This series consists of 5 different paintings that all feature the same subject which is two or three card players that are playing cards on a table.

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The Zentangle® : relaxing scrawls

Coloring, we already know, mandalas too, but what are those Zentangle® patterns?

As Mr Jourdain, in « Le bourgeois gentilhomme » of Molière, who were speaking prose his all life without knowing it, maybe you do some Zentangle® while phoning or just while enjoying playing with a pen!

At the first sight, the Zentangle® seems to be some scrawls that we do without paying attention, but in fact, this new artistic style follows some rules. It mostly consistes in tracing, with a black pen, on a 9cm square, some abstracts and repetitive patterns, in order to reach a meditative concentration.

This art style, now registered as a trademark, was created by two Americans : Maria Thomas, drawing artist, and Rick Roberts, meditation specialist. They compared the state they entered in, while practicing their own discipline. They realized that the freedom and the concentration Maria feels when she’s drawing are similar to the ones Rick feels when he’s meditating.

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“FLOWER POWER” creative competition, try to win Johanna Basford’s “world of flowers” album!

The new Just Color competition has just started, this one has the theme “FLOWER POWER“, in homage to the Hippie movement, so you will need to have a green thumb but not only!

To be the great winner of the competition, you will also have to be creative and original, we will explain why.

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Discover “Asantassi Creations” : Illustrations and Handcrafted Jewelry

Just Color is pleased to welcome a new partner artist: Isabelle, creator of Asantassi Creations.

At the same time illustrator and creator of artisan jewelry, she tells us about her two passions :

Hooked to my pencils since my childhood, I always loved artistic activities. It was for me a means of expression. A way to share my world, inspired by video games, heroic fantasy and science fiction movies and books.

During my engineering studies, I took every moment of freedom to draw. Motivated by drawing, painting, and other creative activities, I always learned as a self-taught person to devote myself to my passions. It’s quite naturally that I decided to change my career path, into creating my handmade jewellery and illustrations business.

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Michael Jackson – On the Wall : a Royal & Pop exhibition in Paris

We had the honor to visit of the exhibition Michael Jackson – On the Wall held at the Grand Palais in Paris, France, from November 2018 to February 2019.

This exhibition, originally installed at the National Portrait Gallery in London, aimed to show the influence of the King of Pop on Contemporary Art through works by around 40 famous artists of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Michael Jackson was above all an outstanding musician / singer / dancer, with a considerable career and international fame, but because of the unique image he has shaped over the years, he has created a myth which has necessarily been a source of inspiration for some artists, starting with the greatest representatives of Pop Art: Andy Warhol, Keith Haring or Jean Michel Basquiat.

These creations explore the complexity of
this artist, both in terms of personality and his artistic musical and choreographic choices and how he
dialogue with social and cultural issues
and policies of his time.

Vanessa Desclaux, Associate Curator of the exhibition

The works presented in this exhibition date, for the older ones, from the 70s, when Michael was still performing with his brothers in the group of Jackson 5 (later renamed The Jacksons). The most recent have been created several years after his tragic death (June 25, 2009) which shows that the myth is alive and well beyond the scope of music …

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Giant and collaborative Coloring page !

In early January 2019, Just Color partnered with La Plaine Images (Site dedicated to creative industries, in Tourcoing, France) to offer employees of its companies a unique and creative experience : color together a giant coloring page, on the theme of the Video Games of the 90s !

This workshop was part of the celebration of the new year, which included several creative workshops.

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