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Exploring the Rich History and Beauty of Portuguese Azulejos

Portuguese azulejos, the traditional ceramic tiles of Portugal, have long been admired for their exquisite beauty, vibrant colors, and historical significance. These stunning tiles can be found throughout the country, adorning buildings, churches, and even public spaces.

In this blog article, we will take a deep dive into the fascinating world of Portuguese azulejos, exploring their history, significance, and enduring allure.

This article will undoubtedly make you want to color our new coloring pages created from Azulejos!

“Basquiat × Warhol, four hands” : incredible exhibition in Paris

The Louis Vuitton Foundation (Paris, France) explores the collaboration between Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol in an exhibition titled “Basquiat × Warhol, Four hands”. The artists created approximately 160 paintings together from 1984 to 1985, some of which are the largest of their careers.

The exhibition features over three hundred works and documents, including eighty jointly signed paintings, as well as individual works by each artist. It also showcases the artistic atmosphere of downtown New York in the 1980s with works by other artists such as Futura 2000, Keith Haring, Roy lichtenstein and Jenny Holzer.

Arts and Crafts Movement now on

The Arts and Crafts movement is a British artistic style that originated in the United Kingdom around 1860 and developed until after the Victorian era, in 1910.

It concerns architecture, decorative arts (furniture, wallpaper, etc.), book illustration, painting and sculpture. now has a new coloring gallery inspired by the Arts and Craft Movement, but before discovering it, take some time to understand the origin and specificities of this artistic style!

From Tattoos to Coloring pages

Over the last few years, tattoos and coloring pages have happily gone together hand in hand, and it’s no surprise if we think of the ever increasing popularity of tattoos and of the colorful appeal of many modern designs.

One additional feature that makes them great for coloring is the fact that tattoo artists usually prepare an outline of each design to be applied on skin before the actual tattooing starts, to serve as a guide for the artist and also to allow customers to have a first look at their new art before making it permanent.

The Zentangle® : relaxing scrawls

Coloring, we already know, mandalas too, but what are those Zentangle® patterns? As Mr Jourdain, in « Le bourgeois gentilhomme » of Molière, who were speaking prose his all life without knowing it, maybe you do some Zentangle® while phoning or just while enjoying playing with a pen! At the first sight, the Zentangle® seems to be …
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