TV shows Coloring Pages for Adults

Cinema's dominance over the small screen is over !
TV Shows has now a lot of things to teach the movies: storytelling, introduction of characters, filmmaking, maintenance of suspense ...

In this gallery, you will find some adult coloring pages we made from pictures coming from TV shows : Game of thrones, Breawking bad, Dexter, The walking dead, and many others...

Choose your favorite TV serie, and color its characters !

Rick and Morty : Appley Awards

The 75th Appley Awards. Did you know ? This series originated from an animated short parody film of Back to the Future

Rick et Morty : Style Roy Lichtenstein

Do you like Pop Art?The two main characters, Rick and Morty, are portrayed in a very characteristic Roy Lichtenstein style.

Rick and Morty: Lost in Space

Scientist and grandson surrounded by strange aliens

Rick and Morty : Open your eyes

Simple coloring page with Rick and Morty and the text "Open your Eyes"

Rick and Morty : Complex drawing

Drawing full of details to print and color with the mad scientist Rick Sanchez and the good-hearted but fretful Morty Smith

Coloring rick and morty fan art

Drawing of the mad scientist Rick Sanchez and his grandson Morty Smith on a strange planet. Created from a fan-art by "Ao-No-Lupus".

Rick and Morty : Strange characters

Funny characters to color, with Rick and Morty. This series premiered on 2013, and the third season concluded on 2017.

Coloring adult Doctor Who's world

Enter into the world of Doctor Who with this coloring page inspired by this fantastic TV serie

Doctor Who Coloring Pages Dalek

DALEK : Can Daleks color with their manipulator arm ?

Doctor Who Coloring Pages Weeping Angels

WEEPING ANGELS : Don't blink. Just color.

Doctor Who Coloring Pages Cybermen

CYBERMEN : Upgrading with color is compulsory

Doctor Who Coloring Pages Silence

THE SILENCE : What's this about a Purple Mainframe ?

Doctor Who Coloring Pages Ood

OOD : Unlike the Hivemind, we don't care if you color outside the lines !

Doctor Who Coloring Pages TARDIS

TARDIS? That's Turquoise, Aquamarine, Razzmatazz, Dandelion, Indigo, Silver, right?

Doctor Who Coloring Pages Thirteenth Doctor

THE THIRTEENTH DOCTOR (JODIE WHITTAKER). Sorry, but you'll have to wait for “Twice Upon a Time” to get a witty caption!

Doctor Who Coloring Pages Twelfth Doctor

THE TWELFTH DOCTOR (PETER CAPALDI). What color is a pudding brain?

Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor Who: Matt Smith

Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor Who: Matt Smith

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Who

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Who: David TennantDoctor Who is depicted in a traditional Scottish costume. His face is full of wisdom and compassion, and his blue eyes shine with intelligence.

Doctor Who Coloring Pages Fourth Doctor

THE FOURTH DOCTOR (TOM BAKER). According to the BBC, the colors on the scarf are purple, camel, bronze, mustard, rust, grey, and greenish brown.

Coloring page adult zombies twd lucille by allan

Coloring page inspired by The Walking Dead's world also with the Negan's baseball bat : "Lucille"

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