Zen and Anti stress Coloring Pages for Adults

Total relaxation with these complex Zen and anti-stress Coloring pages for adults.

Inspired by nature or completely surreal, these drawings differ from mandalas because they are not concentrated on a single point. There are often repeated patterns, a coloring style known for its calming properties.
Seek the overall harmony of your coloring, rather than focusing on each element individually, try to balance the colors so that they reflect your emotions of the moment.

The breath

The breath

Woman sitting on the beach

Woman sitting on the beach, elegant and pensive

Shoes and laces

Shoes and laces, with flower and butterfly motifs


Infinity symbol and numerous motifs

Simple bicycle design with simple motifs

Simple bicycle design with simple motifs

Anti stress zen 35317

Coloring page : Anti-stress / Zen - 2

Chopped pineapple and Mandalas

Chopped pineapple and Mandalas

Woman in profile with flowers and butterflies

Woman in profile with flowers and butterflies

Woman looking at a butterfly, with flowers floating around

Woman seen in profile looking at a butterfly, surrounded by flowers

Woman with an incredible dress and flowers floating around

Dress made of butterfly wings

Little astronaut in space

Coloring a little astronaut

Young girl in the bath

A funny bath whose shower is a flower ...

The Fairy Tea

Pretty fairies serving tea.Many details and flowers to color ...

Young woman and her telephone

Coloring a young woman using her smartphone

Woman with raven on her shoulder

Deep-eyed woman, wearing a crown of leaves, with a raven on her shoulder

Frida Kahlo

Simple drawing to color representing Frida Kahlo

Intertwined Lines

Coloring page with numerous intertwined lines. Perfect to give you an intense moment of relaxation !

Italian holidays

Italian-style vacation for this young couple on their vespa scooter


On a beach in Honolulu (Hawaii, Pacific)

Frida Kahlo and leaves

Mexican painter Frida Kahlo and various types of leaves in the background

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