Zentangle Coloring Pages for Adults

You like Zentangle? These complex adult coloring pages of a new kind are more than doodles ... They are based on a variety of harmonious abstract models, inspired by nature, and sometimes giving a disturbing impression of relief.

This new form of creative art will appeal both to those who wish to color original drawings, and also those who prefer to design their own works.
Many tutorials and books for learning the basics of Zentangle are available, to help those who want to make their own designs.
Explore our Zentangle illustrations selection, you can color those you prefer, or use it as templates for your own designs.

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Zentangle Girls

A beautiful design awaits your coloring skills, featuring two complex-haired women's faces with patterns drawn in the Zentangle style.

Woman head & Zentangles

Elegant female face partially hidden by many Zentangle patterns

Zentangle Rabbit

Rabbit head drawn with Zentangle style

Patterns of the desert

This beautiful bird needs some colors to find its way on the desert !

Lunar Patterns

Color this wonderful sky to see the moonlight.

Lines of the tree

This majestic tree is a real pleasure to color !

Lines of the peacock

Color its feathers to discover its magic !

Orca & Zentangles

Beautiful Orca in the seaOrcas are big, beautiful sea creatures that live in the ocean. They have a shiny black and white color that makes them look like they're wearing a fancy suit. They are also called "killer whales," but don't worry, they aren't really "whales" that kill other animals. They are very smart and have their own special language and ways of communicating with each other. They also live in groups, like a big happy family. They are strong swimmers and can jump out of the water, it's very fun to watch them play.

Lines of the octopus

With its many tentacles, this octopus will need you to focus a lot while coloring him !

Lines of the Lighthouse

This lighthouse shows you the way to a wonderful coloring.

Pretty hummingbird surrounded by flowers

Help this hummingbird fly - all it needs are a few colors!

Lines of the flower

Lots of petals needs a lot a concentration!

Lines of the toucan

Meet this beautiful toucan, it just needs some colors!

Lines of the owl

Look at this beautiful owl in its Zentangle forest !

Lines of the ladybug

This beautiful ladybug walking around Zentangle flowers needs a coloring!

Lines of the elephant

This majestic Zentangle elephant just needs some colors!

Lines of the clownfish

Get deep into the Zentangle water to swim in color!

Lines of the reef

This beautiful fish protects its corals!

Lines of the fowls

Fly into the Zentangle with those beautiful birds.

Lines of the cat

This cat was in a middle of a nap, he wokes up to let you color him!

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