Arts and Crafts Movement Coloring Pages for Adults

The Arts and Crafts movement was an international trend in the decorative and fine arts, born in the United Kingdom, and developed between the 1860s and 1910s. It can be seen as a way of rethinking arts and crafts, at a time when the industrialization is taking off. It affects all areas of visual arts, architecture, decorative arts, paintings and sculptures can be considered the source of Modern Style and Art Nouveau.
Two major artists influenced the Arts and Crafts movement : the designer William Morris, and the writer John Ruskin, who advocated a return to an alliance of arts and nature.

Red House by William Morris

Illustration representing the "Red House" by William Morris

William Morris   Alphabet

Alphabet letters created by William Morris, in the pure style of the Arts and Craft movement

May Morris   Flowers (1885)

Coloring page created from an Arts & Crafts Design representing flowers, by May Morris (1885)

William Morris   Brother rabbit (1882)

Coloring page created from a printed cotton board by William Morris : 'Brother rabbit' (1882)

William Morris   Treillis (1864)

Coloring page created from the wallpaper pattern created by William Morris: "Trellis" in 1864

William Morris   Guenièvre and Iseult   Preparatory drawing for a stained glass (1858)

Coloring page created from a preparatory drawing by William Morris for a stained glass window depicting Guenièvre and Iseult (1858)

The wild swans

Coloring created from an illustration by Harry Clarke from 1916, to illustrate 'The Wild Geese', fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen

William Morris   Diaper (1870)

Coloring page created from the wallpaper pattern created by William Morris: "Diaper" in 1870