Native American Coloring Pages for Adults

Native Americans (or American Indians) are "people whose pre-Columbian ancestors were indigenous to the lands [United States of America] within the nation's modern boundaries" (source : Wikipedia)

There are many different Native American tribes. Those with similar characteristics form the main tribes : Cherokee, Navajo, Sioux, Chippewa, Apache, Iroquois ...

In this page, you will find exclusive coloring pages inspired by Native Americans : drawings, old illustrations, pictures in black and white with contrast enhancement ...

Jolie Indienne et Mandala

Magnifique coloriage d'une Indienne et d'un Mandala inspiré par les motifs indiens

Bull Skull

In Native American Indian legends, Bull skull can symbolize both death and strength

Coloring indian chief skull

Indian chief skull, perfect for a tattoo

Coloring beautiful indian woman

Beautiful Indian woman (Native American), with headdress with giant feathers

Coloring skull indian by valentin

Coloring page of a Native American skull with a headdress waiting to be colored

Coloring wolf by valentin

Coloring of a wolf wearing an Indian headdress

Coloring Indian wolf by valentin

Coloring of an Indian and a wolf

Coloring page native american various symbols

Various Symbols linked to Native Americans

Coloring page native american totem

Beautiful Native American Totem, inspired by Eagle

Coloring page native american tipi and symbols

Coloring page with a Tipi and other symbols

Coloring page native american indian chief headdress

Coloring page with Native American Indian Chief Headdress and other traditional objects

Coloring page native american abstract symbols and feather

Abstracts symbols linked to Native Americans

Coloring drawing native american

Native American Chief with his Headdress full of feathers

Coloring page native american indian savage spirit

Savage spirit

Coloring page adult draw native american by valentin

Indian Chief and his horses

Coloring page adults native american celine

This coloring page show a Native American on his horse.

Coloring page native american

Native Americans were impressive, like this coloring page.

Coloring ma to toh pe or four bears

Indian Chief Mato-tope (or Four Bears), by Karl Bodmer (1809-1893) between 1832 and 1834