New Coloring pages for adults

Discover the latest adult coloring pages of our website, from our different categories. We try to add new and exclusive drawings regularly, so do not hesitate to check this page as often as possible !

Simple city

A town made up of pretty houses with simple and elegant patterns

We travel not to escape life ...

We travel not to escape life ... but life not to escape us

Tree on top of a hill

Coloring page of a tree with branch in the shape of arabesque, at the top of a flowered hill with houses in the background.

Fox and wild flowers

Cute fox surrounded by a multitude of wild flowers

Woman picking flowers in the forest accompanied by fawn

Young woman picking in the forest. She is surrounded by a lot of vegetation and a fawn. This coloring is inspired by the Art Nouveau style

Set of exotic birds and plants

Set of exotic birds, like parrots, crowned gouras, hummingbird and toucan, in their natural habitat

Two parrots and exotic plants

Two parrots in their natural habitat, consisting of exotic plants

Mermaid in waves

This coloring represents a mermaid surrounded by waves and marines animals. This is a reinterpretation of an illustration by Benjamin Lacombe

Sunny afternoon in town

Coloring page of a sunny afternoon in a downtown with timbered houses, and an unicorn statue

Flower hand drawing

Cute flowers to color

Basket of fruits

Color all these fruits !

Parrot in the jungle

Add some colors to this beautiful parrot, hidden in the jungle

Easter bells

Easter bells to print and color. Did you know ? The legend goes that in remembrance of the death of Jesus, the bells head to the Vatican carrying with them the grief of anyone who is mourning the crucifixion.

Easter egg : rabbit and bells

Easter egg coloring page with many patterns, a cute bunny and two bells

Floral portrait

Cute portrait of a girl with bunny ears, with beautiful flowers for coloring in the background

Deer skull and moths

Creepy and intriguing coloring with four moths, a deer skull and brambles in background

Zentangle Rabbit

Rabbit head drawn with Zentangle style

Calming & relaxing Mandala

Calming sensory relaxing Mandala with soothing details

Abstract Mandala

Relaxing mandala with abstract patterns

Mandala with little angels

Mandala with four little angel heads

Dreamcatcher deer

Color this deer with bohemian and relaxing ornaments - simple version

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