New Coloring pages for adults - Page 5

Discover the latest adult coloring pages of our website, from our different categories. We try to add new and exclusive drawings regularly, so do not hesitate to check this page as often as possible !

Pretty owl to color

A beautiful owl with nice feathers to color

Flowers in a pretty vase   3

Beautiful flowers in a vase

Flowers in a pretty vase   2

Flowers with thick lines, in a beautiful vase. Thick lines.

Flowers in a pretty vase   1

Vase and delicate flowers

Art Deco stained glass

An Art Deco stained glass window representing an elegant woman

Woman with raven on her shoulder

Woman with a deep look, wearing a crown of leaves, and a raven on her shoulder

Funny Kawaii cupcakes

Pretty "Kawaii" cupcakes that you have to bring to life with your pencils and markers!

Flying Superman   3

Superman in full flight, cape in the wind

Flying Superman   2

Superman, flying through the sky

Coloring flying superman 1

Flying superman 1

Coloring funny spider

Funny spider

Butterfly with geometric wings

A butterfly with angular and geometrical wings

Cat head with complex patterns

A beautiful cat head, with patterns to color

Two kittens in the garden

Two pretty and very wise kittens, in a beautiful garden

Two little cats in the garden

Two little cats in the garden to color

Girl drawn in Manga / Animated style

A nice coloring drawing of a young girl beautifully drawn, with the style Animated / Manga

Geisha looking very concentrated

Beautiful Geisha to color

Elephant and flowers

Nice coloring of an elephant with various patterns to color


Coloring page of a Sloth

Valentine's Day Bunnies

Simple coloring page with two rabbits and many hearts

Cute cupcakes

Cupcakes inspired by Kawaii characters