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Discover the latest adult coloring pages of our website, from our different categories. We try to add new and exclusive drawings regularly, so do not hesitate to check this page as often as possible !

Sweet circle

Perfect mix of candy, this coloring will make you want to take a sweet break !

Circle cupcakes

Those cute cakes are making a perfect circle to make you want to color them !

Assortment of cupcakes

Nine cupcakes, to satisfy all the family and color together !

Ice cream assembly

Those doodle ice-creams are a perfect refreshment for summer time !

Teapot on a cupcake

What do you think of a flowery tea ?

Cupcakes Doodle

A perfect mix of nine cupcakes to satisfy the tastebuds!

Mix of desserts

Fruits, cupcakes and decorations : there's something for everyone ! Pleasure guaranteed !

Small Doodle cupcake

Perfect mix between doodle and zentangle, you're gonna love it !

Flowery cupcake

This spring cupcake is a perfect coloring for the season !

Sweet clover

Legend says that coloring this cupcake will give you luck...

Cozy kitchen interior

To color this kitchen will make you want to cook !

Mexican cake

With his many mexican skulls, this coloring will bring you to the Dia de los Muertos!

Big flowery cake

With big leafs and many details, it's like coloring in the middle of the forest !

Big lacy cake

Small hearts and ornaments will make you want to take a bite !

Piece of cake

Cherries and gooseberries on a top of a piece of cake, what else ?

Mandala with Giraffe

A beautiful Mandala with a giraffe head in its center ... and lovely leaves and other patterns to color.

Giraffe embedded in a tropical Mandala

Coloring of a giraffe head embedded in a tropical mandala with pretty branches and leaves to color

Cat fused to a spider

Cat fused to a spider on a background mixing a mandala and a spider's web.

Greek house

Pretty greek house with cute plants and flowers

Alucard and Maria

Coloring representing the characters of the video game "Castlevania : Symphony of the Night", in a vampire atmosphere.

Polynesian Tattoo : Nga tama o Punga

Nga tama o Punga is the name of the last design in the book, and in the Maori language it means “the children of Punga.”

It is inspired by the author’s personal tattoos.

From the book Polynesian Tattoos: 42 Modern Tribal Designs to Color and Explore by Italian tattoo artist and author, Roberto “GiErre” Gemori.

Product page :

Author’s website:

Punga was the son of Tangaroa, god of the sea, and also a god himself. He had two sons, called Ika-tere and Tū-te-wehiwehi, who fled Punga’s home to avoid the wrath of another god. Ika-tere hid under the sea, where he became the ancestor of fish, mantas, and other sea creatures, while Tū-te-wehiwehi took refuge in the forest, where he became the ancestor of reptiles.

The manta and the lizard in this design share a common characteristic: they are both related to personal growth and achievement, as mantas can represent knowledge and lizards are symbolic of wisdom and interaction with the spiritual world.

These are the main meanings that led to the choice of elements in composing this design. On the wings of the manta, the author incorporated the Maori symbol called te ara poutama, “the road in steps,” which represents the path to knowledge that is never straight nor easy.

The Hawaiian pattern called “path of Kamehameha” was included to depict a challenging path that leads to success. It is placed between the enata (person) in the center and the ancestors on top, depicted as guides bestowing their knowledge and teachings upon the enata below them. Shark teeth were added for protection along the path, and as symbols of adaptability and strength. The bird next to the enata symbolizes both voyage and reaching a higher perspective above the world.

The lizard extends this concept and its elements by representing the voyage of the wise person (the enata within the head of the lizard, at the end of the row of birds) who has reached a higher perspective after a long, winding, and challenging path. The alteration of black and white areas within the design brings balance and reflects the concept of interconnection between ao (light, place of the living) and po (darkness, place of the spirits), as darkness is the place of origin from which all knowledge comes to the world of the living.

This dualism also shares many analogies with the concept of Yin and Yang, opposites that interpenetrate to generate unity.

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