New Coloring pages for adults - Page 12

Discover the latest adult coloring pages of our website, from our different categories. We try to add new and exclusive drawings regularly, so do not hesitate to check this page as often as possible !

Angel in the middle of Snow flakes

Color this incredible circular drawing with an angel surrounded by plenty of snowflakes

Thanksgiving pumpkin with flowers

Color these pumpkins hidden behind plenty of various cucurbits, flowers and autumn leaves

Thanksgiving turkey and vegetables

A cute Turkey in the middle of autumn leaves, pumpkins, ears of corn, mushrooms ...

Happy Thanksgiving Day !

Simple printable coloring page with a good dish for Thanksgiving

Beautiful Witch and her Cauldron

This witch is preparing an evil potion in her magic cauldron. His studio is well filled : black cat, spider web, insects and poisons ....

Circular ornament with bats

Circular design perfect for Halloween, with bats interleaved

Ghost in a haunted house

Color this white ghost who is haunting an old mansion

Witch in a Graveyard

This witch turns the skeletons of this cemetery into undead thanks to her evil spells

Decorated Pumpkin with Autumn leaves

Color this cute Halloween pumpkin, filled with autumn patterns, and surrounded by beautiful leaves

Skull and candles

A beautiful Halloween coloring page consisting of a decorated skull surrounded by candles and flowers

Bat on a skull with candles

Beautiful bat on a skeleton skull, with candles. Each elements are full of maleficent patterns.

Fairy unicorn

Graceful unicorn in the moonlight, surrounded by flowers

The spiritual dragon

The balance of Yin & Yang in a drawing with a dragon filled with harmonious patterns

Harmonious Jazz Mandala

Melodious Mandala composed of a saxophone, trumpets, a piano and music notes. Do you like Jazz ?

Young tibetan woman

Tibetan woman in her traditional costume

Woman with hairstyle made up of Mandalas

Elegant woman surrounded by several Mandalas and feathers in her hair

A beautiful spring day

Garden with pretty butterflies, ladybugs and a cat contemplating the flowers

French Bulldog and its harmonious patterns

French bulldog and his small muscular body filled with pretty patterns

Kiev, merveille architecturale

The capital of Ukraine, Kiev and its architecture

The city of San Francisco

Discover San Francisco, a city in Northern California and its homes

Multitude of morrocan lamps

Beautiful Oriental lamps coming straight from the book Fantastic Collections

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