Our featured artists

Without them the site would be empty ! These artists (mostly amateurs) have put their talent and originality to offer you various & high quality coloring pages, for adults and children. Explore the world of our creative and talented artists, and access directly to their original creations :
Here are the creations of Esteban, student in visual communication
From a very young age, Morgan drew all the time, everywhere, even in class... He offers us here some of his creations
Art & Facts is a french artist who loves sharing her beautiful creations !
Lestat Hallward Holmes is a young French artist who find her inspiration in mangas and video games. She loves to create coloring pages with a lots of details.
Meadowhaven has published many coloring books where she loves to combine elements from nature and fantasy. Let your creativity go while coloring her original works !
HGCreatives Arts loves to create beautiful coloring with a lot of details, but her work in general is also really varied also, from glass painting to mosaics, to drawings.
Yampuff is a real jack of all trades, but she’s well known for her large collection of Chibi-style linearts, which are famous all over the world! Her dream is to become a full-time artist.
Crimson Vermillon, professional digital artist, like to create interesting and beautiful mandalas, and use it as a form of relaxation and meditation.
Arwen is a student from Tourcoing, in virtual medias. She creates on computer but she prefers drawing on a paper, as she does that since her childhood.
Léa is a young student in virtual medias from the north of France. She draws since her childhood and likes drawing doodles and animals
Frank Parr co-founded Dragonfyre Studios in 2005, and produces many variety of prints. Illustrator, he worked on many comic books for Lightning Comics, and illustrated novels and graphic novels.
Axelle, student in Visual Communication, draws since her childhood. She likes to travel : in real life or through her drawings.
Julia Rivers has created many amazing coloring books, exploring various themes. Her unique style let you escape into her incredible world, and express all your creativity.
Mimieve is a Belgian designer who immerses you into her fantastic and childish worlds. If you like wacky coloring pages, discover her creations !
Student in visual communication and passionate about digital drawing, we call her Caillou! Caillou is a creator of original and complex coloring pages that will make you discover all types of creations.
Lucie, a student in visual communication, is passionate about drawing. She creates psychedelic drawings, animals .... You will find all her coloring pages even more elegant and original than the other.
Edward Ramos, a Filipino and graduate of Fine Arts in Advertising, is passionate about fashion, painting, sculpture, and drawing. His coloring pages representing beauty and nature are all wonderful and indicative of his personality.
Costume SuperCenter is a website selling costumes. But it's also a creative team who make many coloring pages of their favorite "monsters".
Konstantinos Liaramantzas, a young Greek illustrator and author of "Greece Coloring Book", published in 2016, offers fairy and strange coloring pages.
Gaëlle Picard, dreamer, have studied art. What can we say about her way of expression ? Enter in her world and discover it.
Chloe is a student, she loves art and music. She imagines her future as an illustrator in the field of video games or cartoons.
Krissy is a student in visual communication, she shares with us her passion for manga through coloring pages.
MPC Design, creator of digital Scrapbooking kit, has discovered a passion for coloring pages for adults. Then she decided to make her own creations such as harmonious, diverse and very detailed Mandalas.
Sophie, passionate about paintings and Art Therapy coloring pages is illustrator within Global Doodle Gems. She offers coloring pages but also tutorials.
Elanise, dreamy and creative, he's not only a painter for fifteen years! She also creates coloring pages frequently on the topic of nature, spirituality and femininity with an ethnic touch.
Domandala as her name suggests, creates many and varied Mandalas. She has always been interested in artistic activities. Now she shares many creations with animals, flowers ... There is something for every tastes !
Pauline, passionate art student creates very varied drawings. You can find Mandalas, Zentangle, animals ...
Louise, art student is a fan of new technologies. She makes detailed and surprising drawings giving incredible coloring pages.
Frédéric Brogard draws since his childhood. He has always been attracted by disordered drawings. The books «Where's Waldo?» were his favorites books and might be an inspiration for his drawings.
Add a pinch of modernity to an imaginary world and you will get the creative universe of Juline... This young student, native of the North of France, has various sources of inspiration that you will find through her drawings...
Deborah Muller is an american illustrator, gypsy at heart. Being a henna artist for fourteen years and her love for detailed patterns led her to develop the uniquely drawing style : "henna-doodles"
JiM is a young student in design. His specialties : the cartoon, the doodle and anime (manga). He also composes electronic music !
Born in Java, Amreta Sidik makes you discover her culture through her beautiful drawings. With refined curves and whimsy patterns, she introduces you to her own world.
Fascinated by drawing since her childhood, Urielle finds her inspiration into nature, to suggest you relaxing and poetic coloring pages.
Jennifer launched her brand “Coloring Pages Bliss” in 2013 as a way to share her art with the world and to help others to discover the power of art to heal, comfort and bring joy.
Art & Be is an amazing artist very popular in the world of the coloring page. She likes using geometrical forms and precise details for her creations, inspired by her daily life.
Enthusiast by drawing and video games, Rachel began very young to demonstrate her talent. She likes to work with realistic models, photography and trips.
Celine is 18 years old, she is passionate by art, drawing, dance and cinema. She likes many things and it's not easy when you must make a choice for your professional orientation !
Gregory Giordo is a young man from Marseilles who is passionate by drawing and coloring page for adults.
Valentin is a student in arts college. He's a passionate by drawing all kind of worlds and creatures, inspired by his own incredible imagination ...
Azyrielle is a teacher who loves to draw, and especially Doodles and Zentangles. Discover her art ...
Allan is one of our youngest partner artists, but also our intern. He is passionate by drawing and music.
"Zentangles" drawings full of details and highly original, sometimes with soothing messages, for relaxation moments
Color their Zentangle drawings, and through their Facebook page, learn to draw your own illustrations using this simple method.
Very realistic coloring pages, full of details and with clean lines ... Lose yourself and bring your colors to her soothing & zen universe.
A magical and enchanted world that will make you return into childhood. Original artwork for meditation and mindfulness.
Ancient mythology, Bollywood, the Venice Carnival, Native American ... be sure you will travel through time and space !
Portraits, nature, animals, abstract drawings… A mesmerizing and surprising universe to discover and to color.
One of our most assiduous user, which provided us magnificent Zentangles and Doodle drawings, to discover and color urgently !
Incredible Doodles coming form the Philippines, with funny and very original characters, what just miss some colors ...
Art, History, current events & news, sport, cities, architecture ... Various topics rarely represented in adult coloring books
The webmaster sometimes turn off his computer to draw ! Simple and varied coloring pages, also adapted for youngest.