Coloring pages by Sophie Queuniez-Wojciechowski

Sophie is passionate about drawing, paintings and Art Therapy Coloring pages.
She has been a user of the site since its creation, she contributes by publishing its creations, and recently by providing tutorials, and original coloring pages !
Recently, she created a coloring book .

You can visit :

coloring-adult-fairy-in-flower free to print

Fairy in flower

coloring-adult-full-moon-and-owl free to print

Full moon and owl

coloring-adult-my-cat-and-me free to print

My cat and me

coloring-adult-sleeping-beauty free to print

Sleeping beauty

coloring-adult-spied-beaute free to print

Beauty spied by a strange creature

coloring-adult-stange-beauty free to print

The beauty with butterflies

coloring-adult-summer-hat free to print

Butterfly woman

coloring-adult-woman-with-panther free to print

Panther woman

coloring-adult-woman-with-squirrel free to print

Squirrel woman

coloring-adult-woman-with-wolf free to print

Wolf woman