Tibet Coloring Pages for Adults

Here are Adult Coloring Pages inspired by Tibet.
In this page you will find old illustrations or engravings related to Tibetan Art and Buddhist religion, turned into very relaxing and soothing coloring pages. Tibetan Art has a history of more than a thousand years. It stills influences Tibetan people's life.

Tibet is the highest region on Earth, with an average elevation of 16,000 ft (4,900 metres). Entering Tibet you feel as though you've entered an entirely different world ... We hope it will be the same with our drawings to color !

Young tibetan woman

Tibetan woman in her traditional costume

Buddha Shakyamuni

Coloring page inspired by a drawing (copper with gilding and paint) representing Buddha Shakyamuni.


Mahākāśyapa became an arahant and was the disciple of the Buddha who was foremost in ascetic practice

Yun & Yang

Black and white yin-yang for printable sheet

Tibetan monk

Old illustration of a Tibetan monk

Coloring palden lhamo tibetain

Palden lhamo tibetain

King Bouddha

A simple drawing representing King Bouddha


A different kind of yin-yang coloring page


A yin-yang coloring sheet drew as it is on fire

Buddha representation in Tibetan Buddhism

A majestic Tibetan Buddha to color !

Tibetan sage

Old illustration of a Tibetan monk

Tibetan Goddess

Drawing created from the representation of a God in an ancient work of Tibet

Tibetan mandala

Coloring page created from an authentic 19th century Tibetan Mandala

Tibetan deities

Drawing representing different Tibetan deities