Wolves Coloring Pages for Adults

Enter the world of the majestic wolves with these exciting coloring pages ! Whether they are hunting, playing or howling under the moonlight, you can let your creativity flow with a rainbow of colors, bringing these wild creatures to life.
Did you know ? The Vikings wore wolf skins and drank wolf blood to take on the wolf’s spirit in battle !

Majestic wolf in a very realistic design

Majestic wolf in a very realistic design

Wolf and mandalas

Wolf and mandalas

Wolf in a snowy landscape

Pretty wolf admiring a mountain landscape

Wolf in the mountain

Wolf in the mountain

Magnificent wolf seen in profile

Coloring a wolf, seen in profile

Beautiful wolf in the moonlight

Coloring a wolf howling in the moonlight

Magnificent wolf's head

Let your imagination run wild with this superb coloring page featuring a wolf's head.

Geometric Wolf

Wolf head created with straight lines, with geometric background

Zentangle Wolf

Pretty silhouette of moonlight wolf, with patterns mixing Zentangle and Paisley shapes

Wolf and Mandala moon

Wolf howling in the moonlight during a starry night

Coloring wolf head complex patterns

Wolf head, with complex patterns

Coloring big wolf head simple

Wolf head, with simple patterns

Coloring wolf with geometric patterns

Wolf head with geometric patterns

Coloring wolf krissy

Wolf with feathers

Coloring page wolf 3

Magnificent wolf drawing

Coloring free book wolf

Free book wolf

Coloring page wolf 1

Geometric Wolf head

Superb wolf's head

Superb wolf's head

Incredible wolf's head

An incredible wolf and its many details