Psychedelic Coloring Pages for Adults

The Psychedelic movement emerged in the mid 60's, in parallel to the hippie movement. The term itself dates from the 50's, following an exchange between psychiatrist H. Osmond and the writer Aldous Huxley.
This artistic movement corresponds with the emergence of psychotropic hallucinogens, such as LSD. It is also strongly linked to the success of several "psychedelic rock" singers and bands (Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Pink Floyd ...).

From an artistic point of view, this movement is characterized by drawings with sinuous curves and bright colors.
This art was particularly expressed through concert posters and album covers from bands performing at the time.

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Monster and rock village

Giant monster ready to destroy a city built in a rock

Monster origin

Monster origin

Give Peace a Chance

Give Peace a Chance is the first official song of John Lennon's solo career (1969).

Coloring psychedelic girl butterfly

Psychedelic girl with peace & love glasses, and one butterfly

Coloring psychedelic girl butterflies

Psychedelic girl with peace & love glasses, and butterflies

Cosmos Aquatique

Astronaut meets whale in space

Coloring page black hole

Black hole or Psychedelic hole ?

Mystic thoughtful woman

Original drawing of a pensive woman with 3 eyes ... with a very psychedelic background

Psychedelic motifs Music and Peace

Psychedelic patterns: Color this design and discover symbols related to music and peace

Coloring page adult psychedelic fish and feet

Psychedelic drawing with different subjects, including a feet and a fish !

Psychedelic man

Psychedelic man: Color this strange character (drawing inspired by an illustration made for the Rolling Stones magazine)

Coloring page psychedelic meditation illuminati symbols

Woman meditating on a carpet, with Illuminati symbols like pyramid

Coloring page psychedelic monk meditation

Strange monk meditating, with incredible and psychedelic background

Coloring page adult psychedelic by allan

Color this psychedelic Owl !

Coloring page mystical triangle

Mystical triangle

Coloring pages cat psychedelic sphynx by louise

A sphinx with the third eye, on a psychedelic background

Grateful dead

Original illustration inspired by the visuals of the American rock band Grateful Dead

Coloring pink floyd psychedelism

Inspired by the Psychedelic rock band The Pink Floyd !

Coloring psychedelic flowers

When Psychedelia meet Flowers ...

Coloring psychedelic 8

Another strange coloring page ... Feel free !

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