Foxes Coloring Pages

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Did you know ?
The arctic fox, which lives in the northernmost areas of the hemisphere, can handle cold better than most animals on earth. It doesn’t even get cold until –70 degrees Celsius. Its white coat also camouflages it against predators. As the seasons change, the coat changes too, turning brown or gray so the fox can blend in with the rocks and dirt of the tundra.

Fox in an enchanted forest

Fox in an enchanted forest

Fox among flowers, leaves and birds

Fox among flowers, leaves and birds

A peaceful fox sleeping under the stars

Coloring a fox asleep in the moonlight

Fox sleeping on a tree branch

Coloring of a sleeping fox lying on a tree branch

Fox in the desert

A majestic fox in the arid desert

Young fox in the desert

Coloring a cute fox in the desert

Smart fox in the desert

Smart desert fox to color

Two foxes

Color these two foxes and their incredible patterns

Fox and wild flowers

Cute fox surrounded by a multitude of wild flowers

Fennec (Zentangle)

Color this complexly patterned sand fox and relax ...

Fox with beautiful patterns

Color with cute fox full of beautiful patterns

Coloring fox head with patterns

Fox head with simple patterns

Coloring adult fox

A beautiful and simple Fox

Coloring pages adult Fennec fox Doodle by Juline

Adorable fennec which would love to touch the stars.

Fox and roses

Fox and roses

Fox head

Fox head, with simple, regular patterns

Coloring page fox and leaves

Cute fox in a leaves crown

Fox head to color

Bewitching fox head to color

Coloring pages adults funny and happy fox by kchung

Graceful fox coloring page in exquisite style

Coloring difficult fox

Black & white drawing of a fox composed of many elements and shapes, color it by choosing colors representing your mood