Llamas Coloring Pages

The llama is a camelid like the camel.
The llama, known for its spitting jets, is now incredibly fashionable, even more than the unicorn ! This appealing animal is now a real "icon" that can be found on t-shirts, mugs, figurines, etc ...
Color these pretty llamas coloring pages with the colors of happiness !

Llamas in a flowery field

Coloring of two llamas in a field of flowers

Two funny llamas

Coloring two funny llamas

Two serious llamas

Coloring two serious llamas

Two llamas: mother and calf

Coloring two llamas in a dream landscape

Jumping llama

Coloring of a young llama jumping in a mountainous, flowery landscape

Lama flowers and sun

Two llamas on a lush field, enjoying the warmth of the sun.

Llama shape with patterns

Simple llama shape with Zentangle and paisley patterns

Llama : Enjoy every moment

Llama to color with the text "Enjoy every moment"