Oriental Coloring Pages for Adults

In this gallery you will find coloring pages inspired by "Oriental Art".

Persian, Arabic or Turkish patterns, Mosaics, architectural details, iconography related to Islam, reproductions of art pieces from Iran ... but also illustrations from old editions of the famous tale of One Thousand and One Nights ...

Now you just has to choose the "oriental" complex image you want to print and color.

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Many elegant paisley design

Paisley patterns

The Oriental woman

An elegant oriental woman walks alone into the desert ...

Multitude of morrocan lamps

Beautiful Oriental lamps coming straight from the book Fantastic Collections

Coloring sheherazade george barbier watercolor

Coloring page created from a watercolor by George Barbier : Shéhérazade

Scene from One Thousand and One Nights

Several Maharajas in an oriental palace

Coloring page adults woman headscarf

a young muslim girl who wears the hijab

Wall Panel from Iran

Adult coloring page created from a Wall Panel from Iran (1700-1800). Louvre Lens (France).

Various Paisley patterns

Color these Paisley patterns, drawn with different kind of details.

Coloring paisley

Paisley patterns

The people carrying their dishes

The people of the desert land of Agrabah carrying their food, one after another

The Arabic alphabet

Arabic Calligraphy to color

Arabic pattern in the shape of Mandala

Arabic pattern drawing with a star in the middle

Coloring adult paisley difficult

Paisley patterns

Coloring adult paisley cashemire

Paisley patterns

Coloring adult paisley iran

Paisley patterns

Coloring adult oriental mandala 2

Oriental mandala 2

Coloring adult oriental mandala 1

Oriental mandala 1

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