Chameleons and lizards Coloring Pages

Discover our coloring pages of Chameleons and lizards to print and color for free !

Did you know ? How does a chameleon’s tongue hold onto the insects and small vertebrates it touches ? With spit that's 400 times more viscous than that of a human being ! This ultra-sticky substance coats the tongue, giving the lizards an edge that helps them pull even heavy victims into their jaws.

Cameleon and lizard

Cameleon and lizard

Zentangle Chameleon

Chameleon with many simple Zentangle patterns.Don't forget to color the little fly that will quickly get eaten !

Lizard Alebrijes

Majestic lizard inspired by Alebrijes sculptures (Mexican folk art sculptures)

Chameleon on a branch with patterns

Incredible Chameleon drawn by Bimdeedee, with a pattern designed by our partner artist Caillou.

Coloring chameleon on branch

Chameleon on a branch

Coloring free book chameleon

Chameleon, with complex and beautiful patterns

Coloring adult leen margot lizard

Coloring "The lizard"

Coloring adult difficult cameleon

Very dark drawing to color of a cameleon

Coloring adult cameleon patterns

A magnificien cameleon to color, drawn with zentangle patterns

Difficult animal jungle

Superb black and white drawing to print and color with lush vegetation hiding many animals ...