Cupcakes and cakes Coloring Pages for Adults

In a library section "Coloring books for adults", you will always find collections of Cupcakes coloring pages books!

These little desserts are as delicious as they are beautiful to see, they can be customized, in terms of taste but also colors, decorations, etc ...

Here are our Coloring pages of Cupcakes, cakes and other desserts : the level of complexity does not reach other coloring pages of this website, but you could reach very relaxing coloring .

Good appetite :)

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Pretty cupcake surrounded by attractive motifs

Pretty cupcake surrounded by attractive motifs

Four cute cupcakes

Four cute cupcakes

Cute cupcake with cherries

Cute cupcake with cherries

Funny Kawaii cupcakes

Pretty "Kawaii" cupcakes that you have to bring to life with your pencils and markers!

Cute cupcakes

Cupcakes inspired by Kawaii characters

Frosting fairy

This frosting fairy is the queen of sweetness!

Sweet circle

Perfect mix of candy, this coloring will make you want to take a sweet break !

Circle cupcakes

Those cute cakes are making a perfect circle to make you want to color them !

Assortment of cupcakes

Nine cupcakes, to satisfy all the family and color together !

Ice cream assembly

Those doodle ice-creams are a perfect refreshment for summer time !

Teapot on a cupcake

What do you think of a flowery tea ?

Cupcakes Doodle

A perfect mix of nine cupcakes to satisfy the tastebuds!

Mix of desserts

Fruits, cupcakes and decorations : there's something for everyone ! Pleasure guaranteed !

Small Doodle cupcake

Perfect mix between doodle and zentangle, you're gonna love it !

Flowery cupcake

This spring cupcake is a perfect coloring for the season !

Sweet clover

Legend says that coloring this cupcake will give you luck...

Cozy kitchen interior

To color this kitchen will make you want to cook !

Mexican decorated cake

With its large Mexican masks, this coloring page will make you travel to Dia de los Muertos!

Big flowery cake

With big leafs and many details, it's like coloring in the middle of the forest !

Big lacy cake

Small hearts and ornaments will make you want to take a bite !

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