Kawaii Coloring Pages for Adults and Kids

Here are our Kawaii coloring pages with characters and other elements influenced by this aesthetic, coming mainly from our Manga / Anime gallery and Doodle art gallery.

Kawaii is a Japanese word meaning “cute” and “adorable”.
This term can designate animals, humans and all sort of creatures, that are “childlike, charming, vulnerable and shy”.

The best examples of Kawaii are certainly Hello Kitty and Pikachu ! Kawaii style are gaining more and more popularity beyond the borders of Japan …

Kawaii style unicorn head

Kawaii-style unicorn head

Kawaii style food

Color this adorable slice of pizza, this burger, this donut and this ice cream!

Pretty cupcake surrounded by attractive motifs

Pretty cupcake surrounded by attractive motifs

Four cute cupcakes

Four cute cupcakes

Cute cupcake with cherries

Cute cupcake with cherries

Funny Kawaii cupcakes

Pretty "Kawaii" cupcakes that you have to bring to life with your pencils and markers!

Cute cupcakes

Cupcakes inspired by Kawaii characters

Finding Wonderland

"Finding Wonderland" : Gorgeous coloring pages with a happy Princess and various Doodle characters (Kawaii style)

Takashi Murakami   Happy Flowers

Coloring page inspired by a work by Japanese artist Takashi Murakami (style : Superflat). Happy flowers !

Takashi Murakami   Happy Flowers (simple)

Coloring page inspired by a work by Japanese artist Takashi Murakami (style : Superflat) - simple version. Happy flowers !

Life is love

"Life is love" : Beautiful coloring page full of funny Kawaii characters : cats, bears, rabbits ... and even a Donut :)

Coloring kawai cup cakes

Kawaii cup cakes : aren't they too sweet ?

Coloring pusheen donuts and unicorn

Pusheen the cat, Donuts and unicorns, what else ?

Coloring kawaii pusheen and rainbow

Pusheen the cat & rainbows ! When doodle meets kawaii style ...

Coloring chic kawaii

Kawaii drawing, with cute characters

Totoro / Hayao Miyazaki

Doodle inspired by the World of Hayao Miyazaki / Ghibli studio, with some kawaii characters

Coloring kawaii doodle by chloe

Doodle coloring page of a PARTY with Kawaii characters

Coloring_page manga chibi fairy tail krissy

This is a coloring page with the chibi characters from Fairy Tail Natsu, Lucy and Happy.

Doodle art representing a lot of imaginary characters

Doodle art representing a lot of imaginary characters and kawaii creatures

Trainer and his Pikachu b

Pokémon, A trainer and his Pikachu

Coloring page adult Hell & Paradise

Differents kawaii monsters and animals from paradise and hell

Coloring page adult christmas in cartoon world

These cute kawaii characters are very happy to open their christmas gifts

Coloring page adult kawaii squad

Kawaii Squad

Coloring page adult thrasher girl

Trasher girl

The world of monsters

The world of monsters

Coloring mandala pusheen cat kawaii

Kawaii Mandala with Pusheen the cat !

Cute Kawaii monsters

Cute Kawaii monsters, unicorns and funny animals : a perfect Doodle drawing for a perfect happy day

Coloring page adults doodle rachel

Many small Kawaii characters, very happy to be here together !

Coloring page adults doodle art rachel

Kawaii characters, gathered in a coloring page entitled "Doodle Art"

Coloring manga characters by tobeyd

A coloring page full of Characters ! A great example of Japanese animation. Will you find the little Kawaii characters ?

Coloring page manga girl with flowers by flyingpeachbun

Manga Girl with flowers in her hair

Coloring 3 manga characters by rachel

"Bazar" : Original Manga coloring page with 3 funny characters, and little kawaii characters in background

Coloring doodle back to school by 9george

Doodle to color : "Back to school", with funny and kawaii characters

Coloring kawaii animals

Kawaii style animal heads, to print & color : pig, cow, cat, dog, wolf, panda and more !

Coloring doodle art doodling 9

Funny Doode art with various animals & kawaii characters ON a car

Coloring doodle art doodling 7

A Doodle with funny kawaii characters, simple to color.

Coloring doodle art doodling 5

Funny videogames and kawaii characters

Coloring adult manga flowers girl

Elegant Manga / Kawaii girl, with a beautiful flowered headdress