Tattoos Coloring Pages for Adults

Here are Coloring pages for adults inspired by real tattoos. The art of tattooing dates back to ancient times. Did you know that many mummies have been found with tattoos, as well as prehistoric man Otzi (therapeutic tattoos)

They could serve as inspiration for your future personal ornaments, or be just for the pleasure of performing complex coloring ... we hope you will find your happiness in this gallery of difficult images to print of tattoos!

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Tiki: Maori symbol

Tiki: Maori / Polynesian symbol

Breton, tattoo and boat

Marin breton "hipster"

Sailor, tattoos and shells

"Hipster" sailor showing his tattoos, with shells in background

Woman with sailor tattoo

Sexy woman with sailor tattoo, and various elements to color in the background

Woman with long hair among flowers

Beautiful woman with long hair among iris flowers - Art nouveau style, perfect for a tattoo

Tatouage Polynesien: Nga tama o Punga

Tatouage Polynesien: Nga tama p Punga

Polynesian tattoo : The sun

Polynesian tattoo : The sun

L O V E Tattoo

Love gives wings! Back woman with stylized tattoo

Sphynx cat, bees and metal chain

Sphynx cat head surrounded by roses, bees and a metal chain

Snakes and Heart

Two snakes encircled with barbed wire devouring a still beating heart

Tattoo with skull, snake and roses

Color with tattoo containing a skull, a snake and beautiful roses with leaves

Coloring tattoo indian chief skull

Tattoo of the skull of an Indian Chief

Coloring Page Tattoo Flowers Butterfly

A beautiful tattoo of flowers and butterflies with a cute background

Coloring arm and hand tatoo 3

Cute Arms and Hands Tattoos

Coloring arm and hand tattoo 2

Cute Arm and Hand Tattoo (Oriental) - thick lines

Coloring arm and hand tattoo 1

Cute Arm and Hand Tattoo (Oriental) - fine lines

Skeleton and roses for tattoo

Skull and roses

Coloring page tattoo wolf krissy

Wolf tattoo in two parts, realistic and zentangle style.

Traditional Dreamcatcher tattoo

Traditional Dreamcatcher tattoo, with two beautiful Mandalas

Fatma's beautiful hand with many meticulous details

Pretty detailed Fatma hand, Zentangle style inspiration

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