Engraving Coloring Pages for Adults

Engraving is an artistic technique with many variants : burin, drypoint, etc ...
The first evidence for humans engraving patterns is a chiselled shell, dating back between 540,000 and 430,000 years, from Trinil, in Java, Indonesia, where the first Homo Erectus was discovered (Source : Wikipedia)

We have selected different kind of engravings (different eras, themes, artists...), retaining only the woks with enough details to make good difficult coloring pages.
We've just accentuated the contrast a bit ... It's a true journey into the history of art ...

We hope these original coloring pages created from engravings will please you !

La Vierge Au Singe, engraving by Albrecht Dürer, vers 1498

La Vierge Au Singe, engraving by Albrecht Dürer, vers 1498

Engraving of a 13th century Scottish warship

Engraving of a 13th-century Scottish warship

Rivers coming to console Peneus for the rape of his daughter by Apollo

Coloring page from an engraving from 16th century representing the rivers coming to console Peneus after the rape of his daughter by Apollo, her death and her metamorphosis into a laurel

Coloring cover thomas more utopia

Engraving by Ambrosius Holbein for a 1518 edition of Thomas More's Utopia book

Coloring created from a 1620 engraving of knights at war

Coloring created from a 1620 engraving of knights at war

Coloring pages middle ages engraving

Pages middle ages engraving

Drawing by Edward Burne

Drawing by Edward Burne Jones from the work of Geoffrey Chaucer Hammersmith (1896)

Coloring adult engraving flower girl 1868

Flower girl engraving (1868)

Gravure by Domenico Cunego (1771)

Gravure by Domenico Cunego (1771)

Coloring adult engraving anonyme gentilhomme around 1465

"Gentilhomme", engraving by an anonymous artist, around 1465

The woman of Apocalyps

The woman of Apocalyps, engraving by Albrecht Dürer, around 1497

Coloring adult engraving pietro aquila allegory with annibal carrache and painting 1674

Annibale Carracci Introduces Painting to Apollo and Minerva, Engraving by Pietro Aquila, 1674

Coloring adult engraving pieter bruegel luxuria

Luxuria, engraving by Pieter Bruegel, 1558

The orchestra man

The man orchestra, ancient engraving

Coloring adult engraving jacopo de barbari holy conversation around 1509

Holy conversation, Engraving by Jacopo de Barbari, around 1509

Coloring adult engraving giovan battista allegory of geography 1692

Allegory of geography, engraving by Giovan Battista

Coloring adult engraving francesco rosaspina the chariot of the dawn 19th s

The chariot of the dawn, engraving by Francesco Rosaspina, 19th century