China & Asia Coloring Pages for Adults

Here are Adult Coloring pages inspired by China and more generally by Asian Art & history, in all its refinement and elegance.

You will find representations of the famous philosopher Confucius, of the Forbidden City ... and also chinese women dressed with traditional clothes.

Chinese girl and dragon

Beautiful coloring page of a chinese girl in kimono, with a dragon in background

Chinese girl with parasol

Coloring a young Chinese woman with an umbrella

Drawing illustrating cotton production

Coloring created from an illustrated page from the album 'Images illustrant une production de coton' (1765)

Chinese line drawing

Nice chinese drawing with ducks and a heron


Different symbols of China. Dragon, statues, vases, masks, bonsai, Chinese food ...

Guanyn: The Buddhist Goddess of Mercy

Guanyn: The Buddhist Goddess of Mercy

Coloring drawing chinese new year doodle

Drawing to color : Chinese New Year

Coloring page chinese imperial robes

Traditional Mongolian royal fashion (has inspired George Lucas for Padme costume in Star Wars Episode 1 !)

Coloring chinese drawing

Coloring page created from an old chinese drawing

Coloring inspired by the book Le tigre dévoué, by Qi feng Shen

Coloring inspired by the book Le tigre dévoué, by Qi feng Shen

Coloring cathym7

"Make a wish", exclusive coloring page See the original work

Coloring adult china ink trees

When traditional Chinese drawing with calligraphy meets Zentangle ... magnificent coloring page !

Coloring adult great wall of china

Coloring page of the great wall of China

Coloring adult chinese temple

A chinese temple

Coloring adult simple chinese dragon

Simple coloring picture of a dragon

Chinese dragon

Drawing of a Chinese dragon, teeming with detail and extremely harmonious.

Coloring adult statues xian

The statues of Xian : a coloring page from a real picture

Coloring adult chinese dragon

Simple illustration of a Dragon

Terrifying Chinese dragon

The dragon, one of the main symbols of China

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