Coloring Pages by Léa

Léa is a student in visual communication cross-medias at the high-school "Le Corbusier" in Tourcoing. She loves drawing since her childhood and she discovers an interest in digital creations (with a computer). Meticulous, she enjoys creating beautiful drawings with a lot of details.

Goldfish in his natural setting

This wonderful fish is swimming around algae. Follow his veil and discover his magical world !

Doodle cupcake

This huge cupcake with a doodle icing is going to be your favorite color dessert !

The magic spray

Just a little bomb-spray will send you in a magic Doodle world !

The world of the Manta ray

The world of the Manta ray

Mandala with Giraffe

A beautiful Mandala with a giraffe head in its center ... and lovely leaves and other patterns to color.

Giraffe embedded in a tropical Mandala

Coloring of a giraffe head embedded in a tropical mandala with pretty branches and leaves to color