Coloring Pages by Zen Féérie

The credo of Zenfeerie, it's the Zentangles ! These drawings follow a method invented by two American illustrators in the last few years. They consist of simple but repetitive drawings which together form abstract patterns.

Coloring but also drawing Zentangle coloring pages will bring you meditation, relaxation and mindfulness ! Tested and approved :)

With Zenfeerie, you can even learn to create your own Zentangle drawings.
Simply visit their Facebook page, that in addition to showcase their many illustrations, provide free Zentangle tutorials and examples.

Coloriage adult poisson by zenfeerie

Fishes hidden in a magnificient Zentangle coloring page

Coloriage adult love is all by zenfeerie

"Love is all" : a Zentangle coloring page

Coloring adult imaginationa5 by zenfeerie

Zentangle coloring page in two parts

Coloring adult butterfly by zenfeerie

Zentangle coloring picture of a beautiful Butterfly