Zentangle Coloring Pages for Adults

You like Zentangle? These complex adult coloring pages of a new kind are more than doodles ... They are based on a variety of harmonious abstract models, inspired by nature, and sometimes giving a disturbing impression of relief.

This new form of creative art will appeal both to those who wish to color original drawings, and also those who prefer to design their own works.
Many tutorials and books for learning the basics of Zentangle are available, to help those who want to make their own designs.
Explore our Zentangle illustrations selection, you can color those you prefer, or use it as templates for your own designs.

NEW : Discover our Zentangle tutorials here !

Coloring zentangle colibri by chloe

Coloring page of a hummingbird in Zentangle style.

Coloring page zentangle wolf krissy

Coloring page a wolf drawn with the style of zentangle and some feathers in his fur

Coloring zentangle carpe koi for chloe

Coloring page of two Koi Carps in Zentangle style. These fishes are highly prized ornamental fish from Asia.

Coloring zentangle indian by valentin

Zentangle drawing representing a Indian / Native American Skull

Coloring page adult cubic wolf zen

Coloring page of a wolf in a graphic style mixing Zentangle and Cubism

Coloring adult zentangle drops

Zentangle drops

Coloring page adults dragon zentangle rachel

Here is an amazing and dangerous Zentangle dragon

Coloring page adults zentangle cupcakes celine

"Two Zentangle cupcakes for the snack !"

Coloring page adults forest zentangle rachel

Enter in the magical forest of Zentangle for a coloring page time !

Coloring page adults butterfly zentangle rachel

An amazing peacock, really Zentangle and really hard !

Coloring page adults butterfly zentangle rachel

Panda mother with baby, drawn in Zentangle style

Coloring page adults butterfly zentangle rachel

Do you know the butterfly effect ? Here is the Zentangle effect !

Coloring page adults owl zentangle rachel

An owl, to have a good time with all this Zentangle forms.

Coloring page adults fish zentangle rachel

A beautiful fish for a coloring page very "Zentangle"

Coloring page adults zentangle sabrina

A leader of a Native American tribe made with hearts and Zentangles

Coloring page adults parrot zentangle sabrina

This coloring page repeat like a parrot !

Coloring page adults owl zentangle sabrina

This owl give you the key of its coloring page.

Coloring page adults fish zentnagle sabrina

Our news species of "Zentangle" fish.

Coloring page adults zentangle greg

A coloring page with a special Zentangle effect proper to the artist

Coloring page adults owl zentangle

Too details in this owl !