Coloring pages by Konstantinos Liaramantzas

Konstantinos Liaramantzas is a young illustrator from Greece who started making Coloring Books in 2016.

His first publication "Greece Colouring Book" was released in 2016 by the leading Greek publisher Psichogios Publications.

He has released a couple of Free Colouring Pages and aims to release many more in the future.

You can follow Konstantinos on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube

Greece Colouring Book is available here !

coloring mermaid and octopus konstantinos liaramantzas

Mermaid and Octopus

coloring butterflies fairy konstantinos liaramantzas

Butterflies Fairy

coloring lavender fairy konstantinos liaramantzas

Lavender Fairy

coloring little fairy konstantinos liaramantzas

Little Fairy

coloring strawberry fairy konstantinos liaramantzas

Strawberry Fairy

coloring halloween haunted mansion

Haunted mansion

coloring floating city in the sky konstantinos liaramantzas

City floating in the sky

coloring quirky clocks konstantinos liaramantzas

Quirky Clocks