Coloring Pages by Pauline

Pauline is an art student from France, she draws since her childhood.

Still in search of her own style, she constantly broadens her knowledge and hopes one day to create her own cartoon.

She likes to make traditional drawings, zentangles, mandalas and draw animals with a lot of talent.

Dragon & Chinese Mandala

Big Dragon with Mandala inspired by chinese calligraphy in backgound

Coloring page dreamcatcher by pauline

Beautiful Dreamcatcher to print

Coloring page eagle

This impressive eagle is ready to fly away

Coloring page earth day by pauline

Beautiful coloring page for the Earth Day. The goddess of the sun holds the Earth to create life

Coloring page mother s day by pauline

A coloring page for the Mother's day

Coloring page deer in a triangle

Beautiful and mysterious deer

Edvard Munch   The Scream (drawing version)

"The Scream" by Edvard Munch will give you shivers !

Coloring page ze mandala by pauline

Beautiful mandala

Coloring page easter bunny

These cute bunnies want to celebrate Easter with you

Coloring page dragon by pauline

A magnificent dragon surrounded by flowers

Coloring page cats by paulined

Cute cats hugging each other

Coloring page adult zentangle lion

An impressive lion with a zentangle style

Coloring page tiger

This tiger looks at you with his piercing eyes

Coloring page monkey by pauline

A monkey in a zentangle style