Coloring Pages by Urielle

Urielle is a 47 years old artist teaching plastic arts in multiple schools. As an art lover, she likes to practice everything : painting, sculpture...

But it is mainly in drawing that she is the best, being inspired by the work of Karl Blossfeldt and Zao Wou-Ki. Through her drawings, you will step into a relaxing and poetic universe.

Check out her interview on our website.

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Coloring adult heron


Coloring adult eagle


Coloring adult falcon


Coloring adult otter


Coloring page adult urielle force


Coloring adult salmon


Coloring adult horse 1


Coloring adult aries

Incredible Aries

Beauty of the day

Exclusive drawing to color

Opened Book

Exclusive drawing to color

Coloring page adult urielle sweet contemplation

Sweet Contemplation

Coloring adult bee urielle


Coloring adult the key in the tree

"The key in the tree"

Coloring page adult in the quiet

In the quiet

Coloring page adult flow


Coloring page adult soul


Coloring page urielle I weave the canvas of my life

I weave the canvas of my life

Coloring pages adults i m posed and serene by urielle

I'm posed and serene