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Urielle’s world

We introduce to you today Urielle, our new artist partner. Let’s step into her poetic and relaxing universe through her drawings.


Urielle (1)
Urielle’s self-portrait

Hello Urielle. Could you introduce yourself to our web users ?

I am 47 years old female artist, graduated of a “DNSEP” (National Degree of Plastic Expression) from the “École d’Art de la ville de Nice” (Art School of Nice). I currently teach plastic arts in differents schools and institutions.


So artistic field has fascinated you for a long time ?

Indeed. I’ve been practicing several art forms such as painting, sculpting or drawing since my childhood. I draw and I design everything  that come to my mind, with a complete liberty. My drawings are intuitive, I reproduce my ideas with lignes, colors and even words.



“Birth” by Urielle

From what do you draw your inspiration ?

Nature is my main source for my creations. To me it is a constant source of inspiration : I take time to listen to it and contemplate it, and then I gather all the information to use them later in my work.

Secondly, I am deeply inspired by the photographer Karl Blossfeldt, who shows the beauty of nature through is pictures. The chinese painter and calligrapher Zao Wou-Ki inspires me as well with the vastness of his painted landscapes.

But I also like many others artists such as Rothko, Antoni Tapiès, Paul Klee and even the writer Christian Signol.


How would you qualify your artistic universe ?

With my drawings, you’ll find strange forms combined with arabesques leading to a poetic and dreamy universe. I hope my work will give you some moments of rest and pleasure.


Thank you for your interview.

If you wanna step into a relaxing and magical world, here is her artist page.