Coloring pages by Chloé

Chloé is a student at the Art School "Le Corbusier" in Lille (France).

Passionate about the Arts and drawing, she would like to become illustrator for video games or cartoons.

She dreams to one day to visit Japan, she's also passionate about music.

coloring zentangle carpe koi for chloe

Coloring page of two Koi Carps in Zentangle style. These fishes are highly prized ornamental fish from Asia.

coloring zentangle colibri for chloe

Coloring page of a hummingbird in Zentangle style.

coloring doodle for chloe

Coloring page of a PARTY Doodle

coloring doodle totoro for chloe

Doodle inspired by the World of Hayao Miyazaki / Ghibli studio, especially the character Totoro

coloring studio ghibli for chloe

Fanart drawing inspired by art of studio Ghibli.

coloring deesse for chloe

Coloring page of the goddess Kali who comes from the Hindu religion. She is the goddess of preservation, transformation and destruction. Kali is also called the black goddess.

coloring mandala for chloe

Coloring of a mandala with a particular style

coloring mandala cercle for chloe


coloring gemini for chloe02

Coloring page inspired by The zodiac sign of Gemini.