India & Bollywood

Escape to the country with 1.2 billion people with our difficult Coloring pages on the theme of India.

You will find images inspired by Hindu religion (Shiva, Vishnu, Galnesh, etc ...), coloring related with Bollywood (dancers, movie scenes ... ) and drawings of mythical places of India like Taj Mahal, one of the 7 wonders of the modern world.

The common point between these coloring pictures for adults: a high level of detail and high complexity, good travel !

coloring-deesse-for-chloe free to print

Coloring page of the goddess Kali who comes from the Hindu religion. She is the goddess of preservation, transformation and destruction. Kali is also called the black goddess.

coloring-page-india-shiva-thick-lines-with-background free to print

Coloring created from an old representation of the goddess Saraswati, with background to color also

coloring-page-india-shiva-thick-lines free to print

Coloring created from an old representation of the goddess Saraswati

coloring-page-india-celine free to print

Here is a coloring page with three men of india

coloring-page-adults-bollywood-rachel free to print

A dancing-girl of Bollywood confined in this coloring page

coloring-page-adults-hanuman free to print

This god Hanuman, is a Vanara, a hero able to metamorphose.

coloring-page-adults-chest-hanuman free to print

Hanuman, alias the Divine Monkey, is a Hindu god.

Ganesh-Allan free to print

Ganesh, The god of wisdom and intelligence.

coloring-adult-india-puja-rite free to print

Coloring page inspired by the Puja : Hindu religious rite

coloring-indian-dancers-by-marion-c free to print

Indian Dancers, Bollywood stylen

coloring-adult-indian-woman-tradition free to print

Indian woman tradition

coloring-adult-silk-tapestry-green-tara-early-1200-central-asia free to print

Silk tapestry green tara early 1200 central asia

coloring-adult-indian-woman-tradition-sail free to print

Indian woman tradition sail

coloring-woman-face-india-inspiration free to print

Woman face india inspiration

coloring-inda-king-queen free to print

Indian Queen and King sitting on their throne

coloring-india-saraswati free to print

India saraswati

coloring-taj-mahal-india free to print

Taj mahal india

coloring-adult-danse-indienne free to print

Dancing women dressed up with the traditionnal indian clothes

coloring-adult-india-saraswati-1 free to print

India saraswati 1

coloring-adult-india-saraswati-3 free to print

India saraswati 3