Coloring Pages by Morgan

From a very young age, Morgan drew all the time, everywhere, even in class... He could only study art and drawing. Of a curious nature, he touches on all genres, from landscapes to the four corners of the world, to the drawing of characters or animals. He offers us here some of his creations, but his secret garden is still vast...

Young Japanese girl in traditional dress

Young Japanese girl in traditional dress

Victor Prouvé   Stay of peace and joy

Coloring page created from Victor Prouvé's painting 'Stay of peace and joy' (1899)

Gerda Webener   Lily

Coloring page created from Gerda Webener's painting 'Lily' (1922)


The lively district of Montmartre in Paris.

Caravan girl

Cozy vacation in a vintage caravan for this pretty young woman, a comfortable return to nature

Mandala with Orchid

Beautiful orchid in the center of a simple Mandala to print & color

Mandala with Dragonfly

Color this Mandala with a dragonfly in the center. Do you see the frogs ?

Ladybug and dragonflies

Ladybug and dragonflies in front of a beautiful Mandala

On the Comparative Merits of Sake and Rice

Coloring page created from an illustration from the book 'On the Comparative Merits of Sake and Rice (illustrated by a 17th century Japanese scroll)'

Lighthouse in Bretagne (France)

Holidays in Bretagne (France) : lighthouse and caretaker's house, pretty seagulls, sailboats and a beautiful seascape

Sailor, tattoos and boat

"Hipster" sailor showing his tattoos, by the sea with a 3-masted sailboat in the background

Sailor, tattoos and shells

"Hipster" sailor showing his tattoos, with shells in background

Geisha with fan

Portrait of a Geisha from a 19th century Japanese print by Yoshitoshi

Geisha with beautiful dress

Geisha in gorgeous dress full of intricate patterns

Italian holidays

Italian holidays for this young couple on their vespa scooter

Alignment of surfboards

Hawaii in the Pacific, on a beach in Honolulu : alignment of surfboards with Hawaiian, Maori, vintage, tribal and floral (tropical hibiscus flowers) patterns

The Netherlands : windmills and tulips

The Netherlands, the pretty country of windmills and tulip fields

Avignon (France)

Avignon (France) : The Palace of the Popes and the « Pont d'Avignon »


The Dachshund is a low-legged dog with an elongated body