Coloring Pages by Morgan - Page 2

From a very young age, Morgan drew all the time, everywhere, even in class... He could only study art and drawing. Of a curious nature, he touches on all genres, from landscapes to the four corners of the world, to the drawing of characters or animals. He offers us here some of his creations, but his secret garden is still vast...

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

An illustration in reference to the book "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland"

Young aristocrat from the 18th century

Young aristocrat from the 18th century with an exuberant style

Cat head formed by regular lines, with flowered background

Cat head formed from regular lines and geometric shapes.

Cat head formed by regular lines

Cat head with floral background.

Back to the fifties in the USA

Back to the Fifties with a typical North American “diner”. These restaurants serve traditional American dishes and are open 24 hours.

The Roofs of Lisbon in Portugal

A view over the rooftops of the Alfama district : a true pleasure for the eyes

Bali Island (Indonesia), Paradise on Earth

True paradise on earth, Bali charms by the beauty of its landscapes and its cultural richness.

Martinique, The Caribbean

Martinique landscape : Volcanoes, Creole houses, lush vegetation with palm trees and pretty plants to color.

Astronaut in the space

Astronaut Thomas Pesquet during a spacewalk.

Valentine's Day Heart with wings

Color this lovely Valentine's Day Heart with wings

Woodstock's hippy Volkswagen

Woodstock's hippy Volkswagen combi to color