Coloring Pages by Frank Parr

Well known in the world of independent comic books for his work with Lightning Comics, Illusion Studios and his own Newbreed Comix, Frank become co-founder and lead Illustrator at Dragonfyre Studios in 2005, producing a wide variety of prints.

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The war of the Gargantuas

It's war time! Which one are you going to help ?

Rocky the dinosaur

Rocky is making eyes at you to make you want to play with him!

Nessy the dinosaur

What about a little swim with Nessy ?

Coloring mega monsters Frank Parr

It says that those monster will leave the city if you start to color them.

Kong vs Gorasaurus

What a big fight! Color it to support your favorite !

Kong vs Gamera vs Godzilla

Get into the battle!

Monster vs Dragon

With his 3 heads, this dragon doesn't give any chance to the monster!

Attack of a giant killer tomato

Be careful, hugo killer tomato is on her way!