Coloring Pages by Gaelle Picard

I am a dreamer, the drawing, the graphics has entered my life as a means of expressing myself.
I love to enter my universe, it is like a parenthesis.

I had the chance to study art, I took my chance to get started, although it is not always easy I do not regret.

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New Year's Eve party

New Year's Eve party

Santa's cute reindeer

Santa's cute reindeer

Christmas coloring page with Santa and Mrs. Claus

Christmas coloring pages with Santa and Mrs. Claus

Halloween pumpkins and lots of candy

Halloween pumpkins and lots of candy

Witch and her many potions and spell books

Witches, potions and spell books

Pretty butterfly surrounded by flowers

Butterfly with a big body and small wings, with pretty flowers around

An elegant fairy floating around beautiful and varied flowers

Fairy floating in the middle of field flowers

Woman looking at a butterfly, with flowers floating around

Woman seen in profile looking at a butterfly, surrounded by flowers

Woman with an incredible dress and flowers floating around

Dress made of butterfly wings

Young girl in the bath

A funny bath whose shower is a flower ...

The Fairy Tea

Pretty fairies serving tea.Many details and flowers to color ...


A pretty little shy bear

Christmas rocking horse

An original Christmas coloring page with two rocking horses

Large flower

A large flower surrounded by numerous plant elements

Pretty flowers

Many flowers to color


Coloring page of leavesWith beautiful shades of green, these leaves will be even prettier

Spring Flowers

Pretty flowers in the wind

Teapot House

A fairy-tale house in the shape of a teapot

Cat with a guitar

Cat singing with his guitar, with little mice dancing in front of him

Coloring enchanted forest

Enchanted forest

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