Coloring Pages by Céline

Celine is one of our interns, she studies in 11th grade at the High school « Le Corbusier » in Tourcoing (France).

Architect, decorator, firefighter, graphic designer, … It's not easy to find your way when you're 18 years old.
More attracted by art at school, she made a choice: have a formation in visual communication.

She is gifted with her hands! If Celine likes particularly the drawing, she wants to be manual : stick, cut, create, and touch the substance on one’s fingertips.
Also, Celine is passionate by danse and cinema. She alternates between the hip-hop equipement and a costume of Deadpool... to live her life completely.

Coloring manga character face by celine

A very simple coloring page of a Manga female character face

Coloring page adults butterfly zentangle rachel

Do you know the butterfly effect ? Here is the Zentangle effect !

Coloring page adults butterfly zentangle rachel

Panda mother with baby, drawn in Zentangle style

Coloring page adults butterfly zentangle rachel

An amazing peacock, really Zentangle and really hard !

Tropical Paradise Island

The beach of a Paradise Island, with palm trees, a surfboard, and the setting sun

Coloring page adults zentangle cupcakes celine

"Two Zentangle cupcakes for the snack !"

Coloring page adults forest celine

A coloring page of forest made by Celine

Coloring page adults japan tiger celine

Here is a coloring page with a tiger by Céline

Coloring page india by celine

Here is a coloring page with three men of india

Coloring page adults japan celine

This is our coloring page with a japan woman by Céline

Coloring page adults cupcakes hard Celine

Hard level ! Brave explorer of coloring pages, are you hungry ?

Coloring page adults cupcakes easy Celine

Yum-yum, many coloring page easy to colors ... and eat ?

Coloring page adults cupcakes zentangle celine

Two cupcakes with zentangle patterns

Coloring page adults native american celine

This coloring page show a Native American on his horse.

Coloring page adults mandala Celine

A special Mandala, made by Celine.

Coloring page adults flower celine

A particular style by Celine for this flower.

Coloring mandala zen antistress 9

Zen & Anti-Stress Mandala - 9

Coloring page adults basket celine

A basket, some flowers and a good moment for a coloring page.

Coloring mandala zen antistress 8

Zen & Anti-Stress Mandala - 8

Coloring mandala zen antistress 7

Zen & Anti-Stress Mandala - 7

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