Coloring Pages by Juline

Expert in decoration on glass, Juline is currently preparing another diploma in visual communication.

What are her sources of inspiration? The graphics of Mangas and video games. She also comes up with ideas from artists she discovered on social networks. Juline is passionate about cinema as well.

She loves adding a touch of modernity to her fantasy artistic universe. You will love it!

Let’s color her drawings…

Coloring page adult Dragon by Juline

Giant dragon spitting flames

Coloring page adult day of the dead

Day of the dead woman

Coloring page adult cat by juline

A flying cat, meeting Superman, the Star Wars's Death Star and Star Trek'sUSS Enterprise ... What's more normal?

Coloring page adult valentine keith haring day by juline

Valentine's day coloring page inspired by Keith Haring's paintings

A Steampunk wing

Very original Steampunk wing to color

Coloring page adult cupcake by Juline

Money Cup cake

Coloring page adult Monster by Juline

An impressive monster with scales along his body

Coloring page native american indian savage spirit

Savage spirit

Coloring page adult Princess Leia by Juline

A mix between Mucha's art and Princess Leia from Star Wars

Coloring page adult Three Kings adult by Juline

Coloring page of the three Wise Men , inspired by " La nuit étoilée " by Van Gogh.

Coloring pages adult Fennec fox Doodle by Juline

Adorable fennec which would love to touch the stars.